Persona 3 Portable was removed from the PSP chains last Thursday and Persona 4 Golden also received a major update. Both games, wherever you play them, now have full support for French, Italian, German and Spanish (FIGS) subtitles, thanks to the work of localizers brave enough to take on the lengthy and cumbersome games. But now it has come to light (via Kotaku (opens in new tab)) that the people responsible for actually doing that localization work have been omitted from the credits, with only senior employees of Keywords – the localization company that handled the work – mentioned by name.

The issue came to public attention following tweets from game translator Tamara Morales Gómez (opens in new tab) and Katrina Leonoudakis (opens in new tab), an ex-localization coordinator at Sega. Leonoudakis, who worked on the P3P and P4G localization projects until she left Sega last year, tweeted that she had been adamant that everyone involved in the localization of the games was properly credited when she worked at the company, stating it even in her farewell email to the company, but it clearly dropped down the priority list after that.

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