Al Jazeera’s AI robot Kashef dutifully ran the numbers and made some predictions for today’s games.

Kashef hasn’t had the best days at the office. Unfortunately for our artificial intelligence (AI) prognosticator, the adrenaline-fuelled, high-octane football played out in the opening sequence has led to several major upsets.

The good news for us sentient beings is that every time Kashef was wrong, we were treated to a veritable feast of World Cup magic. Take Saudi Arabia’s historic victory over Argentina as an example.

Today, Kashef has processed the historical data and performance of all teams in action to predict the results of each match.

Here are Kashef’s predictions:

Who: Switzerland vs Cameroon, Group G
Where: Al Janoub Stadium
When: Thursday November 24: 13:00 (22:00 GMT)


Kashef supported Switzerland to win their opening game against Cameroon, although a draw is also likely.

Who: Uruguay vs South Korea, Group H
Where: Education City Stadium
When: Thursday, November 24: 4:00 PM (1:00 PM GMT)


Well, 34 percent is a very high probability of a tie. This comes close if we start from Kashef’s analysis.

Who: Portugal vs Ghana, Group H
Where: Stadium 974
When: Thursday, November 24: 6:00 PM (3:00 PM GMT)


Kashef backs Portugal as heavy favorites here, in an eerily similar prediction to the game between Saudi Arabia and Argentina. Could there be another irritation?

Who: Brazil vs Serbia, Group G
Where: Lusail Stadium
When: Thursday, November 24: 9:00 PM (6:00 PM GMT)


You don’t have to be an AI robot to see Brazil as the favorite in this match. However, a 10 percent chance of Serbia winning is one of the lowest chances of victory we have seen from Kashef to date.

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