All Books You Can Sell to Sinclair’s Books in Akila City

Starfield is filled with interesting locations to explore, even though most planets don’t offer much in the way of quest hubs. However, there are a few main cities where humans have settled that offer much-needed diversions from quests, while others have NPCs just waiting to hand them out.

Akila City is home to both any quests and many opportunities to waste time or sell junk. Sinclair’s Books, an out of the way store, allows players to offload certain ancient tomes from human literary history for a fairly decent profit. But it’s impossible to know which ones are worth offering.

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Every Book You Can Sell to Sinclair’s Books in Starfield

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Below, we’ve listed every book we’ve found so far that it’s possible to sell to Sinclair’s Books in Akila City in Starfield. We’ll add to this list as we discover more. Players will earn 2,000 Credits for each one, making it a great way to pick up some extra cash between quests.

***This guide is in progress and will be added to as we discover more books that can be sold.***

Book Name Where we Found it
The Count of Monte Cristo We found this lying around in a bunch of books while exploring an old space station as part of one of the quests when joining the Crimson Fleet.
The Comet We picked this book up during the first mission after leaving Vectera at the start of the game. It’s where the game directs players to meet with Crimson Fleet pirates. We actually found it in an abandoned weapons facility on the same planet.
War of the Worlds We stole this book from the locked room at the top of the stairs in the Stoneroot Inn in Akila City. One door requires a key from the owners, while the other can be unlocked using a Digipick.

How to Find Sinclair’s Books in Akila City in Starfield

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Sinclair’s Books is located in Akila City in the Cheyenne system. To find it, players must enter the city and follow the main path down the long street. Eventually, the path turns into a maze of buildings and stores. Sinclair’s Books is on a corner plot amid the myriad of what look like futuristic makeshift shelters.

The owner, Ahnjong Sinclair, set up the store to sell books from her collection that she put together with her husband. However, she loves books and wants to collect a few more before she can say she’s seen the best of the best. Players can sell books to her by speaking to her and asking if there are any books in their collection that she’d want to purchase.

How to Find More Books in Starfield

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Players can find books in Starfield by completing quests and exploring. Every location we’ve visited has held books that can just be picked up or stolen. It’s usually quite easy to steal a book from NPCs because they’re stored in hard-to-see locations.

If players want to find more books in the hopes of making a profit with Sinclair’s Books, then they need to get out into the galaxy and explore. Look for abandoned outposts, quest locations, and anywhere there used to be or still is some sign of human life. Humans love books, even if they are about the founder of Chunks.

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