Sometimes you need a headset that can do it all, and I’ve found the Razer Barracuda to be the perfect solution for me. If you’re looking for a wireless headset that can be used for all your gadgets and gadgets, now’s the best time to grab the Barracuda on Amazon with a nice £50 discount, bringing it back to £108.49 (opens in new tab).

It is the more expensive cousin of the Barracuda X (opens in new tab)– which is also available on the Black Friday sale in both black and quartz pink, and is perfect if you want a cheaper headset with better microphone performance at the expense of Bluetooth. That cheaper option will set you back £55.99 (opens in new tab) But as an iPhone user, I loved how easy it is for me to switch between countless devices with the standard Barracuda headset.

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