Overwatch 2 currently has a serious support gap. The role proves rather unpopular, with wait times considerably shorter for those brave enough to babysit two diving DPS and a tank that’s somehow halfway across the other side of the map. I’ve been queuing flex almost exclusively, given a role that isn’t even supported in 20 games if I’m lucky. Overwatch 2 has made me hate playing support (opens in new tab)fueled in part by role fatigue and also thanks to it becoming even more ungrateful than the first Overwatch.

Blizzard has long been aware of this problems surrounding the supporting role (opens in new tab). But with wait times suffering greatly in Overwatch 2 thanks to the discrepancy, the developer finally seems to be taking note. In a developer blog (opens in new tab) from executive producer Jared Neuss, he acknowledged that the support team needs to make a more desirable choice.

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