Britney Spears has denied attending her agent Cade Hudson’s birthday party this weekend.

TMZ editors reported that longtime friends Britney and Paris Hilton reunited Saturday for Cade’s 36th birthday party at California’s The Park Santa Monica and were “together all night” at the bash.

The socialite also posted a series of snaps of her and Cade with celebrities on Instagram, including one with Britney, leading many to believe the photo was taken at the party.

However, the 41-year-old shutdown claims she attended via Instagram on Monday and insisted it was a throwback snap.

“I also have no idea about these photos of me from a birthday party…I haven’t been to a birthday party in ages!!! And as for the photos, they must be from years ago!!!” she wrote in a caption alongside her dancing in a skimpy Coca-Cola branded outfit.

After Paris shared the photo, many of Britney’s fans claimed that the Toxic singer was photoshopped into the image.

In response, the DJ commented: “To anyone asking. Some of these photos were taken with an iPhone so they ended up getting blurry. So they used this app called Remini to make it look blurry and sometimes the Ai the visuals. Didn I don’t even want to dignify this with a comment… But some of these conspiracy theories are absolutely ridiculous.”

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