Lot 2 (opens in new tab) players love to complain, and in recent years many of them have grumbled about the armor sets released for the game’s twice-seasonal PvP event, Iron Banner. The common complaint among sci-fi fashionistas is that Destiny 1’s sets just looked better. In Destiny 1, the Iron Banner armor was heavily inspired by medieval knights – a fitting style for the Iron Lords of the post-collapse Dark Ages.

Destiny 2’s Iron Banner sets, meanwhile, take their inspiration from further afield, like the samurai-themed Iron Rememberance set, and lean into some of the sequel’s more specific armor design philosophies that have – frankly – never been more celebrated by the community.

(Image credit: Bungie)

For those stuck in the past, there’s good news for next season. The Iron Banner set from Destiny 1’s Taken King era will be available in Destiny 2.

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