Infinity Ward hits backspace on some of the most interesting changes it’s made Call of Duty: War Zone 2 (opens in new tab). Starting with Season 2, major tweaks to the gulag, loot system, and in-game economy will be reverted to how they worked in Warzone 1.

It’s a bit unusual for Warzone 2 to lose features that set it apart from the original so soon after launch, but for some disgruntled Warzone players, the news is a relief. Thin rumours (opens in new tab) of underperforming player numbers during the winter break quickly fueled a story Warzone 2 is dying (opens in new tab), despite being played by hundreds of thousands every day. After a two-week delay to Warzone 2’s second season, an uninspiring season 1 update, and disturbing crashes that have persisted since November, the loudest corners of the Call of Duty fanbase are start spinning (opens in new tab) on the free-to-play battle royale.

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