Imagine bashing the endless hordes of Warhammer 40K: Darktide with a bad haircut. There was no way I could – when I fired up Darktide and entered the character creator to build my first warrior, I spent at least five minutes deciding on the perfect hairstyle for my Ogryn. I wanted it to be classy, ​​or at least as classy as Ogryn gets, so that when someone I’m playing with sees me come to their aid through a giant pile of bad guys, they’re like, “That’s one cool Ogryn.”

But part of being stylish is knowing when to change your look, which is why I immediately wondered if there was a way to change my look in Darktide after I left the character’s creator. Am I stuck with this exact face, eye color, tattoo assignment and hairstyle?

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By wy9m6

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