Between the alpha tests and my previews, I played quite a bit Hero company 3 (opens in new tab) over the past year and a bit, so I wasn’t expecting too many surprises when I went to London to check it out again ahead of its February launch. But thanks to the large amount of feedback Relic has received from testers and the community council, it hasn’t stopped tinkering, and as a result there have been some notable changes.

The most obvious is the removal of controllable detachments. Considering they were one of the big new additions to Company of Heroes 3, it’s a significant change. Detachments are on the turn-based campaign map and can be used to heal other units or clear mines, among other things. They can also be linked to companies – which you send into the real-time battles – to increase them. For example, a medical detachment let you use a truck that passively healed nearby troops, and being an incredibly reckless commander, I used this a lot when I participated in the campaign last year. My troops were in constant need of medical attention.

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All the things you could do with detachments remain, but you don’t have to worry about a second type of unit anymore. Instead, they are more of an upgrade that gives your businesses more usability after progressing from the business menu. This, says executive producer David Littman, was all thanks to player feedback.

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