A year-end highlight for me was when Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions, after months of teasing that eventually got a little tedious, gave us our first real glimpse of Death Stranding 2, officially called DS2 for now. We’ve known the sequel was coming ever since actor Norman Reedus, who plays the main character Sam in the first game, blurted out its existence in an interview, but it showed once again that Kojima and his team are up to the mark. a class of their own when it comes to the art of disclosure.

These four minutes establish a new world in the aftermath of the events of the first game and reflect one of the defining moments in Hideo Kojjima’s career as a major director. Kojima’s games had already enjoyed great success, and indeed he had already developed many of the ideas that he would later reuse, before the global success of Metal Gear Solid gave his team a new opportunity and a new problem: a huge follow-up budget. , a generational leap, and the expectations that came with it.

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