My time in college was a mixture of wasted lectures and too many nights out, but at least I can say I didn’t have to fight screaming monsters or risk being swept up in a demonic world. Although that might have been better given how slickly entertaining it was Demon School (opens in new tab) makes it.

The game streamlines the combat of tactical RPGs and wraps it in a story of students navigating the perils (supernatural or otherwise) of college life. Speaking to Creative Director Brandon Sheffield, it’s clear it’s a game with a wealth of influence. “People compare it to Persona, Shin Megami Tensei and stuff… there was like Devil Survivor, an SMT game, which was influential, a little bit with the relationship system… but the influences were flung a lot further out and more of the movie and music sides. So it’s great that this grab bag of things I like has come together in something that people actually want to look at.”

You play as Faye, who comes from a family of the last demon hunters, which essentially makes her a Belmont. Basically, she just likes to hit things and that makes her a girl after my own heart. Faye and a group of friends have started university on a mysterious island. Together they will have to weigh the demands of higher education against the danger of higher powers.

Demon School.

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Cue possessed students, mysterious amnesia and…Yakuza?

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