Does Party Animals Have Crossplay?

Party Animals is an intense multiplayer game where players battle it out for supremacy by beating their friends to a pulp while everyone controls one of the many adorable animals that make up the roster of characters.

The game is available for both Xbox and PC consoles, but fans need to determine which platform they can play with their friends. If they’re not able to fight their friends as a cute dog, cat, or panda, then there’s really no point in even trying to play.

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Does Party Animals Have Crossplay

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Yes, Party Animals has crossplay, but only between Xbox and PC devices. At the time of writing, the game is only available for these platforms, so it shouldn’t matter if one friend buys it for Xbox Series X and the other gets it on their PC.

However, if new versions are released in the future, crossplay features may not function across all of them. Xbox and PC seem to be easier to implement crossplay over, which is why this feature is in Party Animals from day one.

What Platforms is Party Animals Available for

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Party Animals is only available for Xbox consoles and PC. At the time of writing, there don’t appear to be any plans from developer Recreate Games to bring the title to PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. However, considering the success of games like Fall Guys across every platform it’s been released on, we wouldn’t count it out just yet.

Is Party Animals on Game Pass

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Yes, Party Animals will be available on Game Pass from day one of its release. This is almost certainly why the game isn’t launching for platforms other than Xbox and PC, but that limitation allows for solid crossplay across all devices where players jump into it.

To get Party Animals on Game Pass, fans will need a valid Game Pass subscription. Then, they can navigate to Party Animals in the Microsoft Store and download the game for free in September 2023, when it’s released.

When is the Release Date for Party Animals

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Party Animals will be released for PC and Xbox consoles on September 20, 2023. The game is also coming to Game Pass the same day, meaning this frantic brawler is open to anyone who Games Pass and wants an intense little brawler to jump into with friends.

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