Doja Cat has acknowledged that she reacts “really quickly” to everything and only later realizes she made a mistake.

The Say So singer has regular online contact with her fans and does not respond to criticism. Earlier this year, she stated on Twitter that she was quitting the music business and couldn’t wait to “disappear” into anonymity.

Speaking of her online outbursts to Dazed magazine, Doja acknowledged that she reacts “impulsively” and doesn’t think about the consequences in the heat of battle.

“They’re (the media is) like, ‘Oh, this can’t possibly be that she’s just having fun. She must be crazy. She must be cuckoo,'” she said. “Besides, I have really bad impulse control; I like to react to things very quickly. If I’m in the right mood, or the wrong mood, I’ll hit back and I’ll have fun with it. It makes me feel better or not, because then the response I get back is tenfold and I’m like, ‘Uh-oh, I made a mistake.'”

The Kiss Me More singer commented that she enjoyed getting comments from people in her early days on the internet by posting pictures of herself “looking like a freak” with “crazy” makeup.

However, the 27-year-old has been on a steep learning curve about her online antics since rising to fame.

“I’m glad I do because you have to look like an idiot to figure out how not to be. You have to know how to be a fool to know how not to be a fool. That’s all what I’ve been learning,” she added.

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