We’ve already covered it best deals in the 2022 Steam Fall Sale, with all the discounts on this year’s big games and bargains on classics you don’t want to miss. However, what about the deep cuts – the games that aren’t yet on your wishlist and probably aren’t even on your radar?

Steam sales are a great time to try something different without spending too much money. Before this year’s Steam Autumn Sale ends on November 29, check out these overlooked and underrated games. One of them might just be your next favorite.

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Based on Ryan North’s book, based on the William Shakespeare play, To Be or Not To Be Hamlet has been transformed into a choose-your-own-tragedy that’s actually a comedy. The further you deviate from the actual events in this version of the story, the funnier it gets, and since you can eventually travel through time or fight secret ghost wars, it’s pretty far off your English teacher’s version.

Objects in space (opens in new tab) | $4.99 / £3.89 (80% off)

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