In the amazing early 2020s sci-fi survival horror game-off, The Callisto Protocol (opens in new tab) has already shown its cards, allowing the Dead Space Remake to decide which one becomes A Bug’s Life and who is stuck as Antz (or vice versa, if you’re an Antz fan.) The Dead Space Remake has a new perk, however, as noted by means of A rock paper gun (opens in new tab): All Dead Space Remake pre-orders now come with a free copy of Dead Space 2 which will be unlocked with the remake’s launch on January 27.

In our review of Dead Space 2 (opens in new tab) of 2011, Dan Stapleton concluded that “Dead Space 2 isn’t trying to innovate, but it’s a very polished gameplay experience”, and gave the game an enviable 87%. Dead Space 2 is included with EA Play these days and otherwise costs $20 when it’s not on sale, so this pre-order bonus is a pretty good deal all things considered.

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