FinalFantasy 16 (opens in new tab) producer Naoki Yoshida has rather cheekily brushed aside discussions of a PC port for the game, telling fans to “buy a PS5” if they want to play it. He continued by asking, “Why does it seem like a PC version is being released six months later?”

It’s possible he’s forgetting Square Enix’s PlayStation Showcase Reveal Trailer (opens in new tab) for Final Fantasy 16, because that’s why. The existence of a PC version of the upcoming RPG has been odd. The aforementioned reveal trailer very visibly added a footnote that while the game was a PlayStation exclusive, it would also release on PC. Despite that, Square Enix seems to have since gone to great lengths to deny the port’s existence. All traces of a PC announcement are gone. The closest we’ve come is a recent trailer (opens in new tab) saying the game is “unavailable on other platforms until December 31, 2023”.

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