‘For All Mankind’ Season 4: What to Expect

The space race continues as For All Mankind officially returns to AppleTV+ for Season 4. Created by Ronald D. Moore, Ben Nedivi, and Matt Wolpert, the announcement of the renewal came during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, generating immense excitement among fans. With each season exploring different periods, For All Mankind has captivated audiences by delving into an alternate version of the space race, one where the USSR won the race to the moon.

After the explosive ending of Season 3, fans have a lot of burning questions to be answered in Season 4. And if you’re one of them, it’s time to prepare yourself to embark on another thrilling adventure through time and space in For All Mankind Season 4, where history takes a captivating turn and possibilities become endless. Here’s everything we know so far about For All Mankind Season 4.

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When Is ‘For All Mankind’ Season 4 Coming Out?

As of now, there is no official update regarding the release window for Season 4 of For All Mankind. With the show still in production (more on that later), details about its premiere date are still elusive. But while you wait, you can catch all three seasons of For All Mankind on AppleTV+

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Is There a Trailer for ‘For All Mankind’ Season 4?

The For All Mankind Season 4 trailer was released on September 13 and gives us a small taste of what’s to expect in the upcoming season.

Who Are the Creators of ‘For All Mankind’ (And When Is Season 4 Filming)?

For All Mankind is a collaborative creation of Moore, Nedivi, and Wolpert, who also serve as executive producers of the show. Nedivi and Wolpert take on the role of showrunners. The production of the series is a joint effort between Sony Pictures Television and Tall Ship Productions, with a talented team that includes David Weddle, Bradley Thompson, Nicole Beattie, and Maril Davis. Production on Season 4 began in August 2022. In January 2023, Krys Marshall revealed via Instagram that she had wrapped for the season and subsequent reports suggest the show has now finished filming and is in the post-production phase.

Who’s In the ‘For All Mankind’ Season 4 Cast?

Get ready for an incredible ensemble cast in For All Mankind Season 4, featuring acclaimed actors like Joel Kinnaman, Jodi Balfour, Krys Marshall, Edi Gathegi, Cynthy Wu, Casey W. Johnson, Coral Peña, and Wrenn Schmidt. Unfortunately, Shantel VanSanten and Sonya Walger, who have been part of the cast since the very first season playing Karen Baldwin and Molly Cobb respectively, won’t be among those returning for the new season.

However, Season 4 will be adding some new faces to the ensemble. Toby Kebbell has been cast in For All Mankind Season 4, taking on the role of Miles, a former offshore oil platform worker who embarks on a thrilling new job opportunity on Mars. This exciting addition to the cast comes as Kebbell wraps up his successful run on Servant, another AppleTV+ series. In addition to Kebbell, Season 4 of For All Mankind also sees Daniel Stern joining the cast. Stern will take on the role of Eli Hobson, the new administrator at NASA, as a series regular. As Eli Hobson, Stern’s character faces the immense challenge of modernizing the agency, and viewers can expect an engaging performance that captures the complexities of this pivotal role. Other new series regulars in Season 4 include Tyner Rushing (Under the Banner of Heaven), who will be playing a Mars-based space worker named Samatha, and Svetlana Efremova (Spinning Out), who will play a Soviet official named Irina Morozova.

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What Is the Story of ‘For All Mankind’ So Far?

For All Mankind-Joel Kinnaman
Image via AppleTV+

Each season of For All Mankind has ventured into a distinct historical era, providing a nerve-wracking exploration of the consequences and conflicts arising from critical moments in space exploration. Season 1 transported audiences to the 1970s when the early Soviet mission to the Moon had far-reaching effects on US politics and culture. Season 2 continued the narrative, delving into the escalating tensions of the 1980s Cold War, as the United States and the USSR vied for control over lunar resources. Season 3 propelled viewers into the early 1990s, igniting a thrilling race to conquer a new frontier: Mars. This time, the Red Planet became the epicenter of the space race, with the US, the Soviet Union, and an unexpected contender locked in fierce competition. As ambitions clashed and loyalties were tested, the pressure intensified, leading to a climactic culmination of events in the Season 3 finale.

Considering the show’s previous seasons, it is reasonable to anticipate another leap in time for Season 4. With the success of each season, For All Mankind has the potential to extend its timeline beyond natural history, embracing its potential and taking viewers on an even more expansive journey.

What Can We Expect in ‘For All Mankind’ Season 4?

Image via Apple TV+

Specific plot details of For All Mankind Season 4 have not been officially confirmed. However, based on the show’s regular pattern of shifting between different decades, the upcoming season will likely continue the intense space race narrative, jumping straight to the 2000s. This follows the numerous challenges and setbacks faced by the astronauts during their mission to Mars.

The previous season, set in the 1990s, follows the United States and the Soviet Union competing for supremacy in reaching Mars, believing that doing so would ensure victory in the dangerous space race. However, the situation becomes more complicated as the private sector expresses a strong desire to explore Mars free of the political constraints that govern national endeavors. The characters were left in a state of adversity in the Season 3 finale, and Season 4 is expected to depict their journey of picking up the pieces and moving forward.

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