Leave (opens in new tab) looked pretty good when we played it in late 2021, but a trailer that came out in August 2022 left a very different and much less positive impression. Some of the edgy dialogue, those commentators on Twitter (opens in new tab) compared unfavorably to Joss Whedon quickly dominated the conversation, while the PlayStation 5 reviews that started streaming yesterday found that Forspoken, as PC Gamer features producer Mollie Taylor put it, “bullseye average (opens in new tab).”

We don’t have our own Forspoken review yet – no pre-release PC codes have been submitted for review, so Mollie is still working on it – but you can still get a sense of what the fuss is all about thanks to the Forspoken demos that are now available at Steam (opens in new tab), Epic (opens in new tab)and the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

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