DDR5 has come a long way in the year or so since its launch. It’s now widely available, prices have come down, and early BIOS glitches have been overcome. And then there’s the speed. When 12th Gen (opens in new tab) Launched Alder Lake CPUs, DDR5-6400 was about the maximum speed you could get, but forget that: DDR5-8000 kits (opens in new tab) are now on the market. Not a bad improvement in just over a year!

Here for review I have the Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-7200 kit from G.Skill. It’s still very fast indeed, but it’s not so fast as to be a problem for anyone but the highest spec overclocking boards. Still, it’s worth checking the QVL lists to make sure your board can handle the XMP setting. As for AMD, you should be looking at an EXPO kit around the DDR5-6000 mark for maximum compatibility.

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