Sand grease doll are a new less-than-pleasant-sounding material you can find in Genshin impact 3.4 (opens in new tab), and you’ll need a lot of these cocoons if you want to completely level Althaitham. As usual, the new Desert of Hadramaveth region contains the materials needed to level up Genshin’s new characters, including the Pseudo-Stamens that you can only get by defeating that nasty Setekh Wenut worm boss.

They are not as annoying to the farm as those of the main desert dung beetles (opens in new tab), and there are plenty of them to collect in a relatively small area if you want to quickly level up the five-star writer. You could also think about the best Alhaitham built (opens in new tab) go for. Anyway, this is where you’ll find Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact 3.4.

How to get Sand Grease Pupa

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