Thanksgiving is over and the post-turkey panic of Black Friday shopping is upon us. GOG kicked off a little early with the start of its Black Friday sale on Wednesday and offered Narita Boy as part of it. It looks like the site isn’t done giving away goodies just yet, as you can see right now Territory (opens in new tab)a game that GOG describes as an “atmospheric 3D tile-based tycoon game” set in a vineyard.

It looks like a rather nice venture, with a low-poly isometric style that’s pretty clean and minimalistic. Each playthrough takes you through 60 years of winemaking, starting with a single hexagonal tile to grow, crush, and age your wine. You can eventually work your way up to 33 tiles, with six tile types that can affect each other depending on where they are placed. There are several grape varieties to grow and a “dynamic weather system that reflects the unpredictability of real world climate”.

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