Grimes has stated that music is now her “side quest”.

The experimental pop artist has vowed to deliver her delayed album ‘Book 1’ to her loyal fan base, hinting that more new music would likely come out if she had less “busy” and “more freedom”.

In a series of tweets, Grimes – whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher – explained: “Not to say life is not blessed and my GOD ten times better = I am the happiest girl on earth but want the attention and album brings? 100 percent no (with all due respect).

“I owe it to all of you, the artist life is blessed and I take that seriously.

“But! My family, best friends and babies get involved, no matter what I do, the story isn’t mine.

“My friends/[family are] all my life – this is also their struggle.”

She added: “I will always release music, but if it hasn’t been obvious; music is now my side quest. Tbh reduced pressure x more freedom = probably more music, just ideally quiet.

“I will always do my best to entertain while using my literal reputation. I hope that’s okay, I love you guys.”

Grimes said the delay was also due to “minor legal matters”.

In September, the star — who has two children with Tesla tycoon and Twitter owner Elon Musk — confirmed that her long-awaited sequel to 2020’s “Miss Anthropocene” is done on her part.

Grimes responded to a follower on Twitter: “Album ready. Waiting for approval for next single and mixing.”

And when another user asked when fans could expect to see her collaboration with The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye), “Sc-Fi,” Grimes revealed it’s courtesy of the Canadian megastar and his record label, pointing out that it “depends on Abel and Columbia.”

She went on to say she had a “really intense medical situation” in the spring of last year, and she is thankful for the delay in release as she is still recovering.

She wrote: “I had a very intense medical situation in the spring so I’m enjoying the delay, tbh. The delay is quite convenient, because I just got healthy again. (sic)”

She teased the collaboration in a recent cover interview with Vogue China, spilling, “It’s going to be a journey. Definitely worth watching to the end, listening to the monologues and then getting into the drama.”

She also revealed that the upcoming LP is part of her AI girl group project NPC.

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