Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds on my phone is my go-to game when I’m watching something on TV that my ADHD brain doesn’t want to get involved with. I love the mode so much that I consider myself a Battlegrounds rather than a standard main these days, and I look forward to new content breaking out almost as much as full map expansions. Today Blizzard kicked off details on what to expect from Season 3 of Battlegrounds, and I’m happy to say we’re getting some new followers – 32 in all – because that always seems to shake up the meta the most.

Of those new minions, 16 will have the new Undead tribe tag that launched as part of the March of the Lich King expansion. Another 11 of the new minions will have dual tribal tags, meaning they can leverage the synergies and buffs of minions from two tribes. That should boost menagerie-style warband compositions, which generate their power by leading as many different tribes as possible. As we’ve seen with Amalgams, running minions with multiple tribal tags makes it easier to collect buffs from cards like Lightfang Enforcer and Menagerie Jug. Check out the first four minions revealed in the gallery.

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