Hideo Kojima is best known for the Metal Gear series and later Death Stranding, but his early work includes two notable games that never really got much love from publisher Konami: Snatcher and Policenauts. These graphic adventure games are more or less along the same lines, with the former being basically a Blade Runner riff and the latter a more ambitious adventure conspiracy built around the idea of ​​police astronauts: the individuals who keep order in the space colonies of humanity.

Policenauts was released in 1994 and, somewhat unbelievably given Kojima’s later career, has never been released outside of Japan. A localization was started at one point, but was later canceled and left to fans to bring the game to English-speaking players too late, with a 2009 patch for the Japanese PlayStation version. The game follows astronaut Jonathan Ingram and explores themes that may sound familiar – social isolation, technological advancements, the impact of space travel – through essentially a galactic police drama.

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