How To Complete Hunter’s Remembrance In Destiny 2

Hunter’s Remembrance is a new Exotic quest in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch. This will allow Guardians to earn the Exotic Bow Wish-Ender. The previous method introduced in the Forsaken expansion was removed upon the release of The Witch Queen. Wish-Ender is a fantastic Exotic Bow that sits in the Kinetic slot. This weapon has built-in Anti-Barrier capabilities and can over-penetrate multiple targets. Wish-Ender is a great weapon that any Guardian should have as an option for high-level activities.

The Hunter’s Remembrance quest can be started by speaking to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2. You need to own the Forsaken expansion to access Hunter’s Remembrance in Destiny 2. Petra Venj will task you to purify three Awoken mementos by hunting down three enemies. The quest may also be in The Tower under the Quest Archive Terminal. After speaking to Petra Venj, she will give Guardians a Memento in the Kinetic slot. This will turn into Wish-Ender and must be in the inventory when turning in the quest. If there is not enough room, the Memento may be sent to the bank.

How To Get Wish-Ender In Destiny 2 (Post-Witch Quest)

Destiny 2 Wish-Ender Exotic Bow

After receiving the quest from Petra Venj, enter The Shattered Throne dungeon. You must defeat three powerful Taken foes and purify their Awoken momentos. This can be difficult to locate each enemy, but TriGs on YouTube created a fantastic video guide.

You want to go past the first symbol and jump up on a cliff, then jump onto a roof where a relic can be found. Pick up the item and jump back onto the cliff. Next jump onto another roof and deposit the Relic at a statue to spawn two Taken Minotaurs. Complete the first encounter and move on to the next area.

Guardians will need to progress until you reach a room with thin walkways and enemies who will shoot you off the platforms. Kill each foe before picking up a second Relic in the back of the room. Deposit this item at a statue to the right of the area and continue further into the dungeon in Destiny 2. The next area will give Guardians a Slowed debuff and make it difficult to outrun enemies. A third Relic can be found by making the first right in the room. Follow the path to the northwest and continue down the hallway until you reach a white room.

Make an immediate left and then another left and jump over the railing to deposit at the next statue. Walk through the door and enter a room where Taken will spawn. After defeating enough enemies, a Captain will appear. Upon defeat, the second Momento will be purified.

In the Slowed room, you can jump and melee with the Relic to move slightly faster, avoiding enemies.

The last Momento will be obtained and cleansed in the final boss room. You will need to defeat four Wizards during the fight and deposit the Petitioner’s Burden buff on a platform. A Minotaur will immediately spawn in the right corner of the room and will drop a Relic. This foe can turn invisible if you do not defeat the target in time. Search for a statue that has an empty hand and deposit the Relic to spawn an Ogre. Defeat this foe to purify the final Momento.

Once all three Momentos are cleansed, you will need to defeat the final boss and walk through the doors to reach an Awoken statue. Interact and turn in the purified items in exchange for the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow. Finally, travel to the Dreaming City and talk to Petra Venj to complete the Hunter’s Remembrance in Destiny 2.

Source: TriGs/YouTube

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