The Valheim Mistlands Queen is the new boss who with the Mistlands updatewhich you can now play on the Public testing department of Valheim. But finding the Queen’s location on your map and entering her lair to confront her will take a lot of exploration, resource gathering and crafting in the dangerous and foggy new biome.

For everyone who has competed against the other five Valheim bosses, the process of locating Valheim’s new boss, Vegvisir the Queen, will be largely familiar, but there’s a new wrinkle when it comes to actually getting the chance to defeat her. The other bosses need to be located and summoned with certain items in their altars, but the queen works a bit differently. Spoiler alert: There is an image of the Queen at the end of the second part of this guide, so if you want to be completely surprised, go back now.

How to find the Queen

Valheim Mistlands Queen: How to find the Mistlands boss

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