Did you know that anyway three images of an “onion knight” in the mainstream media? I certainly didn’t. You have your classic Onion Knight of the Final Fantasy variety, the only one I knew of until now. Then there’s Game of Thrones’ Davos Seaworth whose nickname is Onion Knight, a fact that completely blew my mind despite watching the whole damn show. Finally, there are the Knights of Catarina from Dark Souls, derogatorily nicknamed Onion Knights. Poor guys.

However, do you want to know what my gears do to this? Neither of these guys is actually an onion. They’re just guys with swords! Thank goodness for Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats and Sweet Treats, a game that actually features a literal onion knight. He’s a lil’ bulb with a knight’s helm! And, strangely enough, a blue sports tracksuit. So imagine my delight when I saw a demo I could tinker with before the full game came out in February.


Rhythm Sprout

(Image credit: SURT Games)

I’ve been on a bit of a rhythm kick lately, and I always like the ones that take the traditional formula and put their own spin on the delivery, like the way Bit.Trip Runner mixes combat and sidescrollers, and how Rhythm Doctor uses visuals and a single button to make each level unique. Rhythm Sprout is another fun twist on the genre, a kickass rhythm game with a great dungeon-crawling vibe. Notes fly across the screen, and each successful hit takes my tracksuit-wearing little vegetable one step closer to the goal. It’s a simple control scheme with three buttons: left, right and a dedicated obstacle dodge button and some sweet bad guys.

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