Louis Tomlinson is considering releasing his solo music under disguise.

The former One Direction star grew tired of people’s ‘perception’ of his music after coming off the charts and is still considering creating a different persona and name to release his tunes.

In an interview with Music Week magazine, he said: “About halfway through making ‘Walls’ I had a conversation with my manager at the time, because I [was thinking about] some things, the sessions I got into and the natural perception and judgment around a band like One Direction coming out… I had this plan in my head that wasn’t quite a Gorillaz vibe but something I could hide who I am, and maybe people will like the song first, and then be surprised that it’s me. I definitely went through that process in my head. I mean I could still do it one day, I think it’s a good idea.

Asked why he’d want to do that, Louis – who released his second studio album this month, ‘Faith In The Future’ – explained: “From feeling frustrated with the perception and judgment that I’ll always face it I understand I’ve lived long enough now that’s why I have to play the long game, but it’s about letting go of the idea of ​​being a solo artist and someone coming out of a band.”

The 30-year-old star – who has six-year-old son Freddie with stylist Briana Jungwirth – admits he “almost” has to become a “different version of myself” when he’s with his son.

He said: “Where I’m very lucky in my life is that my work forever makes me feel like I’m 18, it just has to be. We are always moving. But when I spend my personal time with my son in LA, it gives me… Then I feel, you know, like a responsible 30-year-old. I put on my daddy hat and I almost put on a slightly different version of myself because that’s what it takes to be a parent.

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