When does the refresh rate on a monitor get too high? Can you even see the past difference 240Hz? Or 144Hz? Alienware thinks we can go higher and that 500Hz is “the new speed category” for gaming monitors. Considering that other brands like Asus ROG are also launching theirs proprietary 500Hz display (opens in new tab)we expect this new ‘category of speed’ to be quite a fight in 2023.

At CES 2023, Alienware unveiled its latest gaming monitor, the AW2524H, the company’s first 500Hz gaming monitor. Technically, it’s a native 480Hz gaming monitor that can hit 500Hz overclock (via single DP). This 1080p 24.5-inch IPS gaming monitor also has a fast response time of 0.5ms GtG and 1ms in ‘Extreme Mode’. The monitor also does 240Hz through a pair of HDMI ports.

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