INXS wanted a singer who would take over from the late Michael Hutchence.

Baby Animals singer Suze DeMarchi, who did vocals for the ‘Need You Tonight’ band at a concert in 2000, has revealed she was asked to be the permanent replacement for the frontman – who tragically passed away at the age of 37. Wise committed suicide in November 1997.

Suze seriously considered taking the offer up, but then the group decided to look for their new lead singer in the 2005 reality show, ‘Rock Star: INXS’.

Speaking on the LiSTNR program ‘Behind The Hits’, she said: “There was a formal offer from their manager.

“They didn’t say, ‘You’re going to make this, we’ll do this, part of that…[ten] up to that point, but [there were] conversations with their manager at the time, David Edwards, and Andrew and I had talked about it quite a bit….

“Just before they did that show, I really thought seriously about doing it. I was about to say, “Yeah, maybe we can try this,” and then they said, “Well, we want to do this show.” So that’s how it went.”

They eventually settled on JD Fortune, a fan who had been living outside his car.

He sang on the 2005 album ‘Switch’ and ‘Original Sin’ from 2010.

Multi-instrumentalist Jon Farriss admitted that they all wanted a singer.

He said: “We all wanted to [the winner] being a girl.

“We loaded it up with girls. There were 15 participants – eight girls and seven boys.

JD’s tenure ended in 2011, with Ciaran Gribbin filling in briefly before INXS announced at a concert at the Perth Arena in November 2012 that they would no longer be touring.

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