J Balvin Recruits DJ Khaled And Usher For ‘DIENTES’

J Balvin, ‘Dientes (Feat. Usher and DJ Khaled) – Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music Latino

J Balvin has partnered with Usher and DJ Khaled for a high energy, dancefloor-ready new single entitled “DIENTES.”

The song includes an iconic interpolation of Usher’s 2004 record-breaking hit, “Yeah!,” paying homage to the massive track while adding a sizzling Latin twist that’s uniquely J Balvin. Check it out below.

Accompanying the track is a music video set against vibrant backdrops of colorful city streets and a dynamic dance floor that comes to life.

Produced by a powerhouse team, including Mura Masa, Fred Ball, DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, Tainy, and Michael Brun, “Dientes” is a testament to J Balvin’s ability to reinvent and reimagine music while staying true to his Latin roots.

Balvin has slowly been unveiling new information about his highly anticipated forthcoming album. Back in July, he spoke to Nylon in a interview about his return to the spotlight. He’s preparing new music, his first work in two years after releasing his album Jose.

The singer revealed he’s made an energy-filled album featuring new sounds like EDM and pilita, a Dominican take on electronic music. “The album is very advanced, but it’s easy to digest,” he said. “The flows, the deliveries—all of this is super updated.” The LP also features old-school reggaetón and Afrobeats, which Balvin has experimented with in the past, according to the magazine.

Last weekend, during her concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, Karol G introduced Balvin as a surprise performer. Karol offered him a special tribute for his impact and inspiration not only for her, but for Latin people all over the world. After giving several hints, the crowd erupted when J Balvin took the stage.

She introduced him as the person who showed her and all Latinos that “if he could make it, she could make it,” and as “someone who has taken Latino music all over the world, representing Latinos with pride.”

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