Janet Jackson is going to be doing #MeToo checks on her next tour.

The 56-year-old pop icon will hit the road again this year for her ‘Together Again’ tour and is reportedly following in fellow superstar Beyonce’s footsteps by vetting her staff to make sure she has no prior history of having sexual acts. abuse.

A source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Janet takes a leaf out of Beyonce’s book and performs #MeToo checks as she prepares for her Together Again tour. The checks will affect everyone from her dancers and bandmates to crew and general personnel, vetted to make sure they have no history of abuse.”

The insider added that while the move will be costly for the “All For You” hitmaker, she is willing to prioritize profits to create a safe working environment for such a “massive event.”

The source added: “She also wants a completely non-toxic working environment for all her staff and by doing these early checks she is eradicating the risk. Janet’s ‘Together Again’ tour is expected to raise more than £70 million and will be a grand event.”. A show this big and of the scale Janet is planning can’t afford to have anything happen to it. Janet is determined that everyone working on the tour can feel completely comfortable and that they are in a safe environment.”

It was reported last year that ‘Crazy in Love’ hitmaker Beyonce wanted to make her upcoming ‘Renaissance’ tour “a safe and friendly work environment”.

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