Jeon Yeo-been recalls “tourists screaming” while filming kiss scene

A Time Called You star Jeon Yeo-been says the memorable moment while filming the new Netflix K-drama was the kissing scene.

Jeon Yeo-been recently spoke to South Korean media about her time working on A Time Called You, during which she recalled the memorable moment from the K-drama’s production.

The actress said that the “first one that springs to mind” was when she and co-star Ahn Hyo-seop were filming a kissing scene on Jeju Island, which lies in the south of the Korean Peninsula.

“We encountered lots of difficulties there, because there were just way too many tourists around,” Jeon recalled, per SBS Star. “When Hyo Seop and I were filming our kissing scene, the tourists screamed and were like, ‘Oh my! Oh my!’.”

The actress added that the moment was “pretty distracting” and that she had to “try really hard to concentrate”. She added: “I did my best to only think of the sad emotions that [the characters felt].”

Yesterday, Jeon Yeo-been said it was a lot of “pressure” to work on A Time Called You, citing her love for 2019 Taiwanese series Someday or One Day, which the new K-drama is based on.

Meanwhile, A Time Called You director Kim Jin-woon recently revealed that actor and SF9 member Rowoon wasn’t paid “any money” for his appearance in the Netflix series.

In other K-drama news, Disney+ has released a brand-new trailer for its upcoming crime K-drama The Worst of Evil, starring Squid Game’s Wi Ha-jun and Ji Chang-wook of Suspicious Partner fame. Watch it here.

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