Lee Ryan has been found guilty of racially assaulting an airline employee.

According to court documents obtained by BBC News, members of the Ealing Magistrates’ Court have found the Blue singer guilty of racially aggravated assault, assaulting a police officer and being drunk on a plane.

The court heard that Ryan had drunk a bottle of port in the airport lounge before boarding a British Airways flight from Glasgow to London City Airport on July 31 last year, where he drunkenly assaulted one of the plane’s flight attendants.

Under the Air Navigation Order, it is illegal in the UK to be drunk on an aircraft.

While on the plane, Ryan approached crew member Leah Gordon and made inappropriate comments about her skin color, the court heard.

“It felt like he was saying I was beautiful for a black person because of the way he described my color,” she recalls. “He towered over me, as if leaning in to give me a kiss.”

She continued to say that the singer grabbed both of her wrists before passengers intervened.

Later, the police arrived to arrest Ryan. Police footage showed him “growling” and cursing at officers after biting one of them.

Ryan originally denied all allegations, calling his behavior “playful”.

He will be sentenced on February 24.

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