Lewis Capaldi wanted to postpone his collaboration with Ed Sheeran.

The ‘Forget Me’ hitmaker is about to release his new single ‘Pointless’ – which he co-wrote with the ‘Bad Habits’ singer – and while he’s incredibly proud of the song, he didn’t want a particular label if so. the first song people heard from his new album.

He told Music Week: “I think he’s the best British songwriter of the last 20 years, but I had reservations about putting out a Sheeran co-write as the first song because it would be portrayed as ‘Ed Sheeran wrote my first single back’ and I didn’t want that to be the takeaway.

“He understood where I was coming from.”

The song is expected to be released as a single soon, and Lewis has shared how the song came about.

He explained, “I went into the studio with Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac and at the end of the first day they said, ‘We wrote this verse with Ed, but we couldn’t come up with a chorus to save our lives, could we? have a look?’

“So I listened to it, did my interpretation of a chorus and a middle eight and it came together well.”

Lewis previously revealed that he made a change to the song – which will feature on the upcoming second studio album ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ – because he felt the lyrics were outdated.

The lyric Ed suggested was “She gives me more than anything, I’ll give her my surname”, but the Scottish singer felt it was wrong to suggest that a woman should automatically change her surname to her husband’s surname when they get married, so he took it out.

He said, “I was like ‘Ed, this is 2022. Nobody has to take anybody’s middle name. I’m not singing that!’

“I don’t even think Ed’s own wife has his last name.”

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