Logan Paul is one of the world’s most popular and high-profile influencers and has now apologized to an intrepid reporter and to the fans who “invested” in one of his projects: a crypto-based video game called CryptoZoo. Paul claimed to have spent “about a million” dollars of his own money developing CryptoZoo, describing it as “a really fun money-making game”, but after the website’s launch in 2021, the promised game never materialized. arrived, and the items sold for it are worthless.

Of course, this is web3, so the fact that the game CryptoZoo would never come out didn’t stop Paul and the developers from selling NFTs of cartoon eggs and in-game cryptocurrency (dubbed $ZOO) to his fan base. Eggs could be bought with $ZOO or Ethereum and the promise was that when the game came out, each of these eggs would hatch into a random animal with (Paul’s term) “handmade” art.

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