M3GAN 2.0 Release Date, Cast, Writer, And More Info

Even though the studio has every reason to make a sequel to “M3GAN,” they have no intention of rushing the process. Blumhouse head Jason Blum spoke to Empire shortly after the first film’s release, and explained that producer James Wan, the man behind The Conjuring Universe, “had about seven different ideas of what the sequel could be.” But Blum also cautioned that they know rushing it would lead to compromise.

“The creative process suffers when you [rush]. You pretend you’re not making compromises, but you always do. So I wanted to give us enough time to make the movie great, and we have that now. And we have the whole team coming back, we’re not having to hire a writer or director — all those people are in place.”

Director Gerard Johnstone also explained that they won’t try to force meme-worthy moments, such as M3GAN dancing in the first film. “I think if you do that, you are kind of setting yourself up to fail, and the audience will smell that a mile away,” Johnstone said speaking to /Film earlier this year. “How can we continue to be fun, absurd, surprising, but at the same time make sure that we continue to be part of the cultural conversation,” the director added while also saying that it’s “important to have some substance to hang all of those dance sequences onto.”

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