I don’t normally pay much attention to the story side of Magic: The Gathering. I know it has one, I’m looking at the trailers (opens in new tab) and appreciate enough of the wide scope to put the cards in context, but I’m not here reading novellas or tie-in comics or official cookbooks. (There’s actually no official cookbook, but it’s only a matter of time.) Then I saw that Miguel Lopez, co-creator of the Lancer tabletop RPG (opens in new tab)wrote the story for Magic’s new expansion The Brothers’ War.

Lancer is a fun mud and lasers game of giant robot pilots fighting gritty battles for a brighter future, while The Brothers’ War is about traveling back in time to a period of war between – wouldn’t you know – giant robots . It’s in Lopez’s wheelhouse, I mean. I thought I’d give his card game fiction a shot, and now I’m three episodes into one story about robots powered by magic rocks and the end of the world (opens in new tab)enjoy it so much I built a deck around it Queen Kayla bin-Kroog (opens in new tab) because I thought she looked neat. I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

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