Jumpstart was introduced in Magic: The Gathering in 2020 as a way to quickly build new decks. You get two packs of 20 cards, almost always one-color, each with a theme. That theme could be a particular creature type, like Cats or Goblins, or a concept like Smashing, Tree-Hugging, or Well-Read. You shuffle two packs together to get yourself a measly 40-card deck – Smashing Cats or Well-Read Goblins – and you’re off. It’s a faster way to put together a new deck than messing around or building one from scratch, useful for sit-down events.

The original Jumpstart set consisted largely of reprints, with a handful of new cards. Some of Magic’s recent expansions are also available in Jumpstart boosters, in addition to all the other types of booster packs you can buy these days, so I had to play Dominaria United and The War of the Brothers at local Jumpstart events, which was a convenient way to try out the new hotness.

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