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A father-son duo visits the old colonial fortress of Medine in Mali to preserve history and pass on a legacy.

Bréhima Sissoko is the heritage guide of the Fortress of Medine, a former colonial outpost in Mali’s Kayes region.

For nearly three decades, he has worked to preserve this historic site, restoring the crumbling building, collecting historical stories and documents, and guiding visitors through history.

Now that he is getting old, he passes the baton to his son Boubacar and trains him to take over.

Andrey S Diarra is a Malian producer and director. Since his first feature film Hamou-Béya (Sand Fishers) won several international awards in 2012, he has produced more than 10 feature documentaries with African filmmakers through his company DS Productions, as well as about 100 films with various international NGOs in West Africa.

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