In the first post on its studio blog since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv-based 4A Games has provided a brief update on its status and released out of the blue a full modding toolkit (opens in new tab) (or SDK) for Subway Exodus (opens in new tab). While “the Kiev office is sometimes out of reach and power and water can be a luxury,” it seems that the studio has taken its time working on several projects, one of which – the Metro SDK – is now paying off.

The SDK is the full-fledged, real-deal toolkit that the developers used in-game: 4A says it’s the “​​Editor as it was back in the day [the studio] released Metro Exodus”, which I (as someone with exactly none of the technical capabilities required for modding) I have to assume puts quite a bit of power in the hands of modders. (opens in new tab) integration too, which should make it a bit easier to manage and share the things you create with the toolkit.

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