We’ve all said things we regret, but very few of us have filed those things in print with the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC). But most of us are not Microsoft, who spent some of it a submission to the FTC (opens in new tab) last month in full mode “the whole goddamn system is out of order”, with the structure of the FTC and its lawsuit against Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition (opens in new tab) by Activision Blizzard as a massive violation of the US Constitution.

But reports Axios (opens in new tab) that Microsoft cooled down a bit over the Christmas holiday, submitted an amended filing that removed those complaints, and that it was a mistake to make them in the first place. The new declaration (opens in new tab) maintains Microsoft’s opposition to the FTC lawsuit, emphasizing that the acquisition would make Activision’s games more accessible to consumers. In fact, it’s incredibly similar to last month’s entry, save for the absence of six notes in the “Affirmative and Other Defenses” section that denounced the FTC for violating the Constitution and Microsoft’s Fifth Amendment rights.

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