Monster Hunter Now Countdown – Release Time & Date

Monster Hunter Now is the upcoming game that has caught the attention of many gamers because of its unique real-world hunting action RPG mechanics, and it’s developed in collaboration between Niantic and Capcom, two renowned names in the gaming industry.

The big question is the exact time Monster Hunter Now releases, and when is the release date? Use our Monster Hunter Now Countdown to find out everything you need to know! If you’re wondering when the next big gaming release, event, or reset will happen, then head to our Game Countdowns page to stay in the loop!

Monster Hunter Now Release Time Countdown and Date

Dive into the world of Monster Hunter Now, as it is speculated to be released on September 14th, 2023, at 3 AM UTC. A tweet from the official Monster Hunter Now Twitter account states the first Monster Hunter Now hunts starts midday, September 14th, Japan time! Midday is 12 PM JST, which converts to 3 AM UTC. Of course, time may vary. When the countdown reaches zero, players around the world will be able to embark on thrilling hunts in Monster Hunter Now, no matter where they reside.

0 Days 8 Hours 17 Min 9 Sec

Disclaimer: A Monster Hunter Now release time window has been revealed, but release times may vary.

Monster Hunter Now Exact Release Times for Each Region

Time zones can be tricky, but if you’re eager to know the exact time Monster Hunter Now launches, we’ve got your back. Below is a list of time zones converted to when Monster Hunter Now will be available in your region:

Time Zone Countdown
United States of America

0 Days 12 Hours 17 Min 9 Sec

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (BRT)

0 Days 11 Hours 17 Min 9 Sec

United Kingdom, London (BST)

0 Days 7 Hours 17 Min 9 Sec

Germany, Berlin (CEST)

0 Days 6 Hours 17 Min 9 Sec

South Africa, Cape Town (SAST)

0 Days 6 Hours 17 Min 9 Sec

UAE, Dubai (GST)

0 Days 4 Hours 17 Min 9 Sec

India, New Delhi (IST)

0 Days 2 Hours 47 Min 9 Sec

China, Beijing (CST)

0 Days 0 Hours 17 Min 9 Sec

Japan, Tokyo (JST)

Now Available!

Australia, Sydney (AEDT)

Now Available!

New Zealand, Auckland (NZDT)

Now Available!

What is Monster Hunter Now?

Monster Hunter Now is a real-world hunting action RPG and the addition to the Monster Hunter series, which has a long-standing reputation for delivering high-quality action RPG experiences.

Players can pre-register today to be one of the first hunters to experience this unique game and earn rewards at launch. The game is a collaboration between Niantic and Capcom, promising an immersive experience for fans of the Monster Hunter series.

A screenshot of the Monster Hunter Now trailer of an actor jumping at a massive Diablos with a longsword
Image: Capcom/Niantic

Venture into a world where hunters and monsters coexist. Embark on quests to track down and defeat colossal creatures. With a variety of weapons and gear at your disposal, customize your hunter and team up with friends to take down the mightiest of beasts. The game promises an immersive experience with high-quality graphics, dynamic environments, and challenging gameplay mechanics. Whether you’re a veteran hunter or new to the series, Monster Hunter Now offers an adventure like no other.

The game offers an immersive real-world hunting experience, allowing players to explore their surroundings, forge weapons, and team up with others to hunt monsters. According to those who had access to Monster Hunter Now previews, it’s the next level of AR Gaming.

Monster Hunter Now Pre-registration and Rewards

Monster Hunter Now is set to release this September, and players can pre-register now to be among the first to experience this real-world hunting action RPG. By pre-registering, players can also earn rewards at launch based on global milestones. Some of the pre-registration rewards include:

  • 500K Pre-Reg: Potion x10, Paintball x3
  • 1M Pre-Reg: Founder Medal, Wander Pebble x3
  • 2M Pre-Reg: Makeup x2, Item Box Expansion +500
  • 3M Pre-Reg: Makeup x2, Reward Ticket x3
  • 5M Pre-Reg: 10k Zenny, Item Box Expansion +500

You can pre-register here:

For more details on pre-registration and to view the game’s trailer, players can visit the official website or download the game on their preferred platform.

Monster Hunter Now Trailer

Below, you can watch the Monster Hunter Now Trailer!

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