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Elon Musk’s radical changes on Twitter: breaking rules, firing staff. How will it end? Plus, exhausting and depressing: the work of climate journalists.

It’s been less than a month since Elon Musk took over Twitter — and things don’t seem to be going well for “social media’s public square.” With thousands of laid-off employees and advertisers taking money from the platform, many wonder what will be left of Twitter by the time Musk is done?

Lia Holland – Director of Campaigns and Communications, Fight for the Future
Chris Stokel-Walker – Technology journalist and author, TikTok Boom
Jenna Golden – Founder, Golden Strategies and former Twitter contributor
Marwa Fatafta – MENA Policy Director, Access Now

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Football fans everywhere are turning their attention to Qatar as the 2022 World Cup officially kicks off. Producer Johanna Hoes reports from Doha on the – sometimes unwanted – media attention that Qatar receives and how organizers try to manage the coverage, a PR legacy that will continue well beyond December 18.

What’s it like to be a climate journalist while the world is overheating?

There has been another COP summit and whether climate change is approached from the South or the North – it’s a challenging story to tell. The Listening Post speaks to two journalists who share the relentless effort it takes to cover the world’s most complex issue.

Leo Hickman – Director, Carbon Brief
Elaize Farias – Journalist, Amazonia Real

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