Noel Gallagher joined Dave Berry at the Absolute Radio Breakfast this morning (Tuesday 17th January) to speak about his new album ‘Council Skies’ and spoke on the show about the recent debate over ‘Nepo babies’ i.e. the children who supposedly an edge in their industry thanks to a famous parent(s).

Noel shared his thoughts on it, saying, “It depends on how you look at it. My daughter, she follows me around with a camera and she films me and everything. She made a movie about making the album. I think you got the want to keep things close to home, but they have to be good at what they do. She’s good at what she does. Not only does she wonder if she’s pointing a camera and saying “muhh there’s my dad,” she’s amazing it’s not the worst thing in the world if you let your kids work for you they’re cheap you know what i mean… my boys are too busy scratching their balls and scouring tiktok for bullshit to worrying about daddy can I’m your bassist or something.’

He did say that one of his sons recently started playing guitar, but he has no plans to offer him lessons: “I’ve never had music lessons. One of my boys is learning to play guitar, I think: should I teach him? And then he says ‘daddy can you teach me how to play the guitar’, and I say no. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just picked it up and there it was… I never learned it, so I don’t know if I could teach anyone, it’s all by feel for me.

Noel told Dave about the time his son googled his net worth once: “My youngest boy said to me one day, he asked for some stuff from Fortnite and I was like how much is it and he’s like £25, 99 and I was like ‘come on mate that’s a lot of money’ but he just went ‘you’re loaded!’, I was like ‘how do you know?!’ he said ’cause I just got your net worth Googled it.” He was about ten years old at the time and I was going to give me that iPad. And I went, it’s much more than that to begin with.”

Dave asked Noel about his visit to parliament in the 1990s, to which he revealed: “Someone reminded me years later, I can’t remember if this is true or not, but someone said do you remember going with a sharp object showed up? I was like? and they said you were going to draw a stache on Thatcher’s portrait… I had this sort of thing I’d do, but I don’t remember any of it.’

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