The Consumer Electronics Show of 2023 is over, the cleaners are in sweeping up lanyards, USB sticks, and free pens, and we’re handing out our Best of CES 2023 awards like so much sweet, sweet candy. It’s been an interesting year on the PC side, with a typical focus on new generations of laptop processors and graphics cards, some scary torment nexus shenanigans (opens in new tab) from the more esoteric side of CES, and more OLED gaming monitors than you can shake a redundant LCD backlight at.

The big three have been busy showing off their wares, with Nvidia launching a new GPU during the show itself, the RTX 4070 Ti (opens in new tab), and fessing up on what it’s going to do with all those RTX 4080 cards that people didn’t buy—namely sticking them in servers to power a new Ultimate tier for GeForce Now. Also, laptop GPUs, lots of laptop GPUs.

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