After Saudi Arabia’s seismic turmoil over Argentina and Tunisia’s hard-fought draw with Denmark, Arab fans say the sky is the limit.

Doha, Qatar – It was a jubilant day for Arab teams competing in the World Cupthe first ever edition in the Middle East.

Early Tuesday morning, Saudi Arabia shocked the world with its 2-1 victory over the Lionel Messi-led Argentina national team at Lusail Stadium.

Before the historic upheaval, the Saudis had previously only won three World Cup games.

Hours later Education City StadiumTunisia deserved a hard-fought draw against Denmark, in a goalless game with few clear chances.

The atmosphere in the stadium – where it was almost impossible to spot a Danish fan amidst the sea of ​​red and white dressed Tunisians was electric.

Throughout the match, Tunisians sang, danced and shouted at Mexican referee Cesar Arturo Ramos, ranting against fringe decisions that went against their team. They cheered and clapped relentlessly every time a Tunisian player touched the ball.

For supporters of Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, watching their teams’ inspired performances on Arab soil has been an exhilarating experience.

“Incredible day. All Arabs are happy. Proud day to be an Arab. First, Saudi Arabia showed the world that we can play against the best and win. And now us [Tunisia]”We showed that we can play against one of the best teams in the world and not lose or be afraid,” said Zohra Dachraoui, a Tunisian supporter, shortly after watching the match against Al Jazeera.

Previously, Lionel Messi – a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner – was unable to help Argentina when inspired Saudi players chased him throughout the game.

A visibly disappointed Messi walked the field after the final whistle as the Saudi bench ran onto the field to celebrate the historic victory.

Messi, the captain and talisman of the Argentina team, had opened the scoring from the penalty spot early in the first half. From there, many had expected Argentina to walk to victory.

But the early setback inspired a roaring comeback from Saudi Arabia, who scored two quick goals in the second half and held off against some belated Argentinian pressure.

“Football is a very beautiful game full of surprises. We, the Arabs, were expected to lose both games. No one believed we could get these results. But look, who’s celebrating? The Arabs,’ Ayoub Gherbi, an Algerian who came to the Education City Stadium to support Tunisia, Al Jazeera told.

“Tunisia was the better team against a team that everyone in the world says is one of the favourites. They played very well and God willing they will continue to bring more joy to the Arabs everywhere,” said Gherbi as he joined a group of Tunisian supporters who chanted in the stands long after the final whistle had blown.

After today’s inspiring performances, some Arab fans are optimistic about their teams’ chances of progressing in the 32-team football spectacle.

“We can go far. How far? I say the sky is the limit. We [Arabs] are playing at home. Every Arab team will have strong support. This will give a huge boost to any Arab team,” said Moez Babboucha, a Tunisian.

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