The publisher of the Callisto Protocol, Krafton, is quite dissatisfied with how much the game sells, but he may only have himself to blame for that. As reported by Yonhap (opens in new tab), the game’s sales expectations have been revised down significantly after it fell short of the publisher’s ludicrous expectations since its release last month. Krafton had expected The Callisto Protocol to sell 5 million copies this year, but now estimates that figure at around 2 million, which it says is still “not going to be easy.”

During briefings during the development of the game, Krafton discussed the Callisto protocol as a “Quad A (AAAA), All Day!” experience (opens in new tab), which goes some way to explaining why the company has poured 200 billion won ($161.6 million / £129.8 million) into the game over the course of three years. Despite The Callisto Protocol being the first game in a new series from a new studio, Krafton had high hopes for it, but those hopes have collided with reality since the game’s release.

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