Last week, Ubisoft opened up about its financial problems (opens in new tab)citing disappointing sales for recent games, the cancellation of three unannounced projects (for a total of seven canned games in the past six months), and yet another Skull and Bones delay (opens in new tab). In response, the global publisher is pulling the wallet in 2023.

Ubisoft did what it was supposed to do on paper. As our hobby zigzagged from isolated, one-off experiences and went big on live-service games, Ubisoft followed along with every major game maker. Not only did it have the resources and diverse teams to chase emerging trends like battle royale, looter shooters and hero games, it already had a foot in the door. The one game that has consistently done well for Ubisoft is Rainbow Six Siege, an unexpected FPS hit from a long-dormant series.

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